Thursday, 31 July 2014

YANGAROO Featured In Major TV Industry Journal


Earlier this week, YANGAROO president of advertising Sarah Foss was interviewed in the weekly industry trade magazine Broadcasting & Cable (B&C). Based in New York City, B&C is the leading publication in the television industry, serving more than 23,500 subscribers.

The article highlighted a number of the major competitors and issues facing the industry. Foss stated, “The No. 1 conundrum hitting clients on both sides of the equation, agencies and media companies, is how to handle video in an omni [or multi-platform] environment.” She went on to say, “Right now many people do not have effective systems and have to deal with things manually.”

She further explained how YANGAROO tackles this issue head on with its Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS), which allows both agencies and media companies to streamline their processes in its cloud based multi-format environment.

Foss stated, “Yangaroo sees itself as the filling in the Oreo cookie between agencies and media companies, using a cloud-based platform to streamline the delivery and management of ads from the agencies, deep into the infrastructure of the media companies. Deployments at two networks have already made their ad infrastructures much more efficient”.

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