Thursday, 19 June 2014

Grande West Transportation - Route To Revenues


Marketing, marketing, marketing has been the central theme for Grande West Transportation in the first half of calendar 2014 with its Vice President, Business Development attending several key conferences amidst a multitude of meetings with  transit authorities and private operators.  

Jean-Marc Landry, had a lengthy, successful past running sales at Nova Bus for many years. Jean-Marc has been in front of Grande West’s immediate target list of about 100 potential buyers across Canada including transit authorities and larger private operations to ensure they are fully acquainted with Grande West and the attributes of its flagship bus, the Vicinity, versus the competition.

Video below offers some insight into the many attributes of the Vicinity through an introduction by Jean-Marc.

CFO Visits China

New 30 Foot Vicinity With 2 Doors
John Sutherland, CFO is back from a recent trip to China where he spent time with management of the automotive division of the Weichai Group which assembles the multiple components that make up the Vicinity.  Management has built a strong relationship with the Weichai Group over the past four years. Grande West also has a full time quality control person in place during all builds of the Vicinity.
Final Assembly and Finishing Area
Twelve buses are for Quebec and three for a Nova Scotia transit authority plus three new demonstration buses including a new 30 foot model with two doors have been added to the current production run. These three Vicinity buses will be utilized for marketing and customer testing in key markets across the country.   The 30 foot Vicinity bus has been specifically designed for the needs in the Ontario transit market. This bus will be demonstrated in Ontario, being Canada's largest transit market, and also will be utilized as a demonstration Vicinity bus for airport shuttle bus applications.

Automotive Division of Weichai Group,
 Xiaman, China - A Duty-Free Zone