Wednesday, 18 June 2014

BBC Asks “Where is Flight MH370” - Is FLYHT’s Technology The Answer?


Few FLYHT stakeholders have had the opportunity to see a live demonstration of AFIRS. The BBC program Horizon recently provided the world with an insider view of the FLYHT technology in action as part of a documentary on the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian flight.

This past spring, BBC crews were aboard a First Air aircraft in Ottawa, Ontario to film AFIRS in use with several minutes of the footage used in the documentary. First Air and FLYHT announced this past April that the airline was adding FLYHTStream’s automatically triggered, real-time data and live black box streaming capability to its fleet of B737, ATR and B767 aircraft. Click here to read the news release.  

The AFIRS system is highlighted in the documentary as a technology that could help prevent the future disappearance of aircraft.  To view the documentary, please click here (AFIRS is featured at the 50 minute mark).

- Brad Dryer
Grant Howard