Friday, 2 May 2014

FLYHT: Update On The Team Visit To China


During the company’s last conference call on April 15th, FLYHT CEO Bill Tempany acknowledged that a team was heading over to China to discuss streaming and the status of the roll out of the mandated Satellite Communications program. We followed up with FLYHT about how the trip went and here’s what they said:

Multifunctional Control Display Unit
onboard the aircraft during the flight test
For five days last week, Jeff Brunner, FLYHT's VP of Certification Engineering and China Operations, and Michael Fang, the VP of China Operations were in China setting-up and participating in a flight test, for the AFIRS 228S onboard a customer's aircraft. Jeff was on the flight test as a delegate under FLYHT's Design Approval Organization status with Transport Canada, as he is certified.

When asked, Mr. Brunner expressed that “a cool” experience for him was calling FLYHT President, Matt Bradley and Kent Jacobs, Technical Director, Advanced Applications while in the midst of the flight test from an AFIRS enabled satellite phone. The two were on Vancouver Island and took the call on their AFIRS enabled satellite phone.

Qionglai Mountain range which
separates Sichuan Province from Tibet
Mr. Brunner said, "I have to admit that, being more of a witness than one who lived and breathed the 228’s development, I wasn't quite prepared for the emotional rush that I experienced when I made the first 228S call to Matt and Kent from the airplane, half way around the world from Chengdu, China to Vancouver Island, then again when the wheels left the ground and once more when they touched down after a wholly successful test flight."

FLYHT is currently in the process of adding the AFIRS 228S to the A320 Supplemental Type Certificate that it holds for the AFIRS 228 product line in China. The successful test flight that Mr. Brunner participated in was a very large step towards securing this certification. In December 2013, Airbus delivered its 1,000th  A320 into China.

Of note, FLYHTStream™ the company’s emergency blackbox data-streaming functionality has not been ordered yet by any customers in China. However, according to Bill Tempany the FLYHT team is working on it.

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