Wednesday, 19 March 2014

FLYHT Video On FLYHTStream™


FLYHT Aerospace has responded to the international community this week with information about its real-time data streaming program. We wanted to bring your attention to a video that the company produced late last year on its  FLYHTStream technology.  

According to FLYHT’s website, “FLYHTStream™ is a proprietary Emergency Streaming Mode providing proactive risk management for aircraft awareness and incident analysis.  FLYHTStream automatically transmits four-dimensional GPS-based position and flight data recorder information when automatically triggered by an airborne event, initiated in the air by the pilot or on the ground by the airline. The real-time streaming of critical flight data to the ground creates a “virtual black box”, allowing the data to be analyzed immediately.”

Here is a link to the page that hosts the video on FLYHT's emergency streaming service:  

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