Monday, 10 March 2014

FLYHT CEO BNN Interview & Air France Recommendation


At 12:30pm ET, Bill Tempany, CEO of FLYHT Aerospace was interviewed by Michael Hainsworth on Canada’s Business News Network. Mr. Tempany spoke about the missing Malaysian aircraft, the current mandates coming down from countries like China, and FLYHT’s robust recurring revenue model.

Click here to view the interview -

Also, today just after 1pm ET, FLYHT Director Richard Hayden appeared on CNBC and spoke about FLYHT data streaming functionality. Link to the CNBC interview -

Of note in 2009,  Air France Flight 447 crashed in the Atlantic ocean and it took authorities approximately 5 days to locate the crash site and nearly two years to retrieve the black box at an enormous cost. As a result, the BEA, the investigative body for the Air France Flight 447 disaster, recommended that airplanes be equipped with triggered data streaming, like FLYHT AFIRS solution delivers.

Click here to view the full BEA report with the recommendation on page 206.

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