Friday, 21 February 2014

Taking FLYHT – One Plane At A Time


Clarus Securities Analyst Eyal Ofir has placed FLYHT Aerospace on his firm’s Technology Watch List. The nine page report titled, Taking FLYHT – One Plane At A Time, was written for institutional clients of Clarus. It outlines why Mr. Ofir believes “FLYHT has the products, go-to-market strategy, and timing that is ripe for the company to be able to leverage a number of industry trends to drive significant growth in the coming few years.”

Mr. Ofir adds, “FLYHT has partnered with L3 Communications, received a number of aviation approvals for its solutions, and has gained a solid entry into China, a market that is experiencing regulatory changes. The combination of these items could make 2014 a breakout year with 2015 experiencing significant revenue growth and earnings leverage.”

Under the heading, Long Sales Cycles & Regulatory Approvals Provide a Multi-year Advantage, he provides further comment that, “Over the years, the company has obtained numerous certifications for its products that take months and sometimes years to obtain, including a Satcom approval into China that took almost five years. We believe that this leg work provides FLYHT with a significant time-to-market advantage. The company now finds itself positioned as an option on Airbus factory orders, having a strong and large partner in the industry with L3 and ahead of the curve in China serving multiple carriers via local relationships.”

Due to the nature of this report, we are not allowed to post it online.

Shares Issued: 142.5 million
Fully Diluted: 182.1 million