Wednesday, 11 December 2013

YANGAROO Presents At Advanced Advertising Summit In New York City

YANGAROO’s President of Advertising, Sarah Foss, was featured as a key presenter at the Advanced Advertising Summit yesterday at The Roosevelt Hotel in New York City. The event was held to discuss the latest technologies available to help marketers and programmers target the right audiences in a multi-platform environment.

YANGAROO was the only content distributor in attendance and other presenting companies included FOX Networks, AT&T AdWorks, Time Warner Cable Media and DISH Network. Ms. Foss was one of four speakers during the event’s second panel titled, “Insertable Advertising Across TV and Other Connected Platforms: Making it Happen.”

We had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Foss about the event, which she described as YANGAROO’s “coming out party” in New York, saying the main purpose of the company’s presence at the Summit was to emphasize that the YANGAROO platform and technology offers much more than just content distribution.

With the advancements made in technology over the past decade, advertisers now want to see an integration of their advertisements across multi-screens and have a way to both measure and monetize the success of their advertisements as a single campaign.

Ms. Foss stated that advanced advertising is currently hindered because advertisers do not have systems capable of managing its advertising unified and connected for multi-screen distribution and monetization. As an example, a car company will have different advertisements for 30 second primetime television commercials vs. pop-up ads on mobile phones vs. online advertisements. Right now, agencies and content distribution systems are siloed; what powers TV doesn’t work for the web, IPTV, mobile phones, etc.  In other words, for an advertiser to assess one campaign for multiple platforms, it requires lots of people, different software, and one big Excel workbook to manually manage the disparate data. 

YANGAROO can act as the single point of contact from where the ad is distributed, managed and then assessed across multi-platforms. YANGAROO’s enterprise platform is designed with an open architecture, capable of integration with different systems to either pull data from or work alongside of. As a prime example, Comcast is capable of distributing and managing advertisements but since it operates on a closed-platform it can only work within the Comcast family of networks. The flexibility of YANGAROO’s platform provides a unique opportunity.

In our discussion with Ms. Foss, she expressed that advertisers are demanding unified, multi-screen campaigns management capabilities—and that YANGAROO is poised to help.  Agencies have developed their own proprietary software systems and tools to address their clients’ needs.  By leveraging the open architecture of YANGAROO’s enterprise platform, these agencies can keep their valuable tools while automating the functionality that is manually managed in an Excel spreadsheet.  It’s a best-of-all-worlds approach to leveraging technology.  The agency keeps its own systems as value-creation while accessing new features and systems their advertisers want. 

Ms. Foss remarked that YANGAROO’s newest clients have been particularly impressed with the flexibility of formats, real time verification notifications, and outstanding service that ensures fast and fully automated workflows.  These automated processes increase agency effectiveness and their clients’ satisfaction.
Ms. Foss also hinted that the Company is currently expanding its security functionality—such as content fingerprinting and watermarking—although no indication was made as to when these features might be unveiled.

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