Thursday, 15 August 2013

Catalyst Equity Research Boosts Acasti & Neptune Price Targets

Acasti Pharma

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Catalyst Equity Research Boosts Acasti & Neptune Price Targets

Analyst Robin Cornwell’s mood was clear when he stamped “excellent” on news from Acasti Pharma this week that its Phase II Open Label Results were “significant and met the end points”.

In his new update, Mr. Cornwell not only reiterated his strong buy recommendations, but also increased his price target on Acasti to $6.75 from $4.50 and Neptune’s to $10 from $7.75.

Here is Catalyst’s summary of the results announced by Acasti:

Phase II randomized, open label dose-ranging, multi-center COLT Trial:   Over 230 patients completed the 8 week treatment.  From this patient population, 88% had mild to moderate baseline triglyceride levels between 200 and 500mg/dl (High Triglyceride category).The data indicated that an 8 week treatment under a daily dose of 4g of CaPre® per day, had:

  •  A statistically significant 21.6%reduction in triglycerides. 
  • A mean Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) decrease of 8.3% and non-HDL decrease of 14.4%. 
  • After a 4 week treatment, a statistically significant High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) increase of 11.1%.

To our knowledge CaPre® is the only drug or drug candidate to accomplish this feat –“the perfect trifecta”.

In Mr. Cornwell’s report he also states:

“These results are further confirmation that CaPre® continues to demonstrate that it can outperform GSK’s Lovaza™, Amarin’s Vascepa® and Omthera’s Epanova®. The latter have targeted Very High Triglyceride levels (over 500mg/dL). CaPre®, on the other hand, produced significant results in the High Triglyceride range of 200 to 500mg/dL. The latter represents a harder-to-treat population of over 40 million people in the U.S.A.”

“CaPre® also produced results that lowered LDL levels and, of even more significance, CaPre® indicated an increase (improvement) in HDL levels. No other drug or drug candidate, to our knowledge, can claim that level of success.”

To view Catalyst’s update, please click here.