Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Howard Group’s Window On Performance – Announces Launch Of Client Snapshot Feature

Key information at a glance! There’s a lot to digest when researching a company or refreshing oneself on why you invested in the first place.

On the understanding that it is important to have an all-in-one picture to know “what was” to appreciate “what could be”, The Howard Group is launching its new investor “Snapshot” page to track client performance, historical events and anticipated developments.
  • Events are graphically tracked to provide a picture of what has impacted a client’s stock performance.
  • Each event is linked to the Howard Group Insight LIVE blog or news release for details and background.
  • Anticipated events are noted for addition to an investor’s watch list.
  • The Howard Group basket tracks the collective monthly percentage performance of our clients and additionally against the TSX and TSX Venture Indexes. 
We encourage everyone to use the “Snapshot” page and to pass it on. Whether one is an investment advisor speaking to a client about a Howard Group company, an individual investor helping a friend with research, or a fund manager reviewing companies in our portfolio, the “Snapshot” page will be a useful tool.

All information and charts will be updated at the start of each month. Of course, if you want to receive timely information on our clients, please register here.

We would very much appreciate your comments on this new feature. Feedback IS important to us.