Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Carfinco In The Holiday Spirit Announces Special Dividend

Shares outstanding: 24.65 million
Shares fully diluted: 24.65 million

Carfinco has started its own holiday tradition in the past few years by giving its shareholders a special dividend in the month of December. 

The price of the stock since the beginning of the month paints a pretty picture of that anticipation and today at market close the company reached an all time high of $10.64. 
At close of market today, Carfinco announced that it it has declared a special cash dividend for the month of December again on top of its normal 4 cents per month.  An additional 5 cents will be issued for a total of 9 cents per share in December. 
The total cash dividend for 2012 was 47 cents per share, an 11 cent increase over 2011 where it gave out 36 cents per share.  Current yield as of close today is 4.4%.    

See full news release here...