Friday, 21 September 2012

Krill Oil’s Unique Omega-3 - The Focus Of CTV Report

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources
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The Canadian TV network, CTV, released a two minute spot on krill oil featuring Neptune’s Chief Global Strategy Officer Dr. Tina Sampalis.  In the segment, Dr. Sampalis sheds light on the key differences between krill and fish oil, and the advantages of krill based omega-3’s.

The spot covers the following topics:
  • The delivery of krill Omega-3’s to the body with phospholipids.
  • Krill does not have the same fish aftertaste as fish oil.
  • Omega–3’s have been touted as helping with skin problems, neurological development, inflammation and cholesterol.
  • The recent Greek study that dismissed the positive effects of Omega-3s, did not include Krill oil. “We’re all grouped together and that’s not right!”

To watch the piece, please click here.