Monday, 17 September 2012

CEMATRIX – Opportunity Lies Beneath Our Feet – The Howard Group’s Perspective

CEMATRIX Corporation
CVX - TSX Venture
Shares issued: 33.4 million
Fully diluted: 37.4 million

While cellular concrete is not likely to spark spirited dinner table conversation, you probably have walked on it, driven on it, or taken off from it without knowing.

Many times, solid foundations are out of sight and out of mind. With this thought, we find the main theme of The Howard Group’s “Perspective” on CEMATRIX.

Probably, most people haven’t heard of cellular concrete or know why and how it is used. However, information leads to an appreciation of value.

And so, we find our second theme. CEMATRIX, which is doing more business than at any point in its history, finds itself with a market value less than 25% of what it enjoyed prior to the near economic abyss.