Thursday, 19 July 2012

CEMATRIX Announces $3.2 Million Of New Contracts

CEMATRIX Corporation
CVX - TSX Venture
Shares issued: 33.4 million
Fully diluted: 37.4 million

CEMATRIX today announced that it has received another $3.2 million in new contracts bringing 2012's total (as of this date) to $8.6 million.
The details of the contracts are not mentioned, only that the contracts are a mix of oil sands and infrastructure work as the large companies that CEMATRIX is working with do not allow for details or their names to be mentioned in the release.
The company's sales mix between infrastructure and oil and gas over the years can be seen in the graph above.  As work slowed down in oil and gas in 2008, the company was very proactive and placed more focus on landing infrastructure work.
CEMATRIX is at the beginning of its busy season and is continuously bidding on new projects, some of which could make a big difference to its year end.