Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Spreading The Good Word On Carfinco

Carfinco Financial Group Inc. TSX: CFN
Shares outstanding: 24.65 million
Shares fully diluted: 24.65 million


The market is listening closely to some heavy hitters who believe that Carfinco is a strong investment choice.

Recently Peter Hodson, a former top fund manager from Sprott started a new firm called 5i Research. His new venture is getting a lot of attention for its very different approach to the world of research. Peter prides himself on a model that he calls conflict-free investment research for regular people and never owns stock in any company or is compensated in any way for his reviews.

5i Research wrote up Carfinco earlier this month and gave it a B+ rating mentioning it had good stability, good prospects for growth and increasing dividends. Although we can't post the entire report we are including a link to 5i's website for those who may want to read more by clicking here....

And yet another fund manager has touted the attributes of Carfinco on BNN's Market Call. James Hodgins from Curvature Hedge Strategies was on the show January 27th stating that he likes Carfinco, owns it in his fund and continues to buy it. The segment can be viewed by clicking here then going to part three of the show.

Mr. Hodgins was the fourth fund manager to recommend Carfinco on BNN's Market Call. These accolades along with ten consecutive quarters of record pre-tax earnings and a top tier management team have contributed to the company hitting a new high of $7.28.