Thursday, 22 December 2011

Neptune Fires Back On Competitor Over Patent Statements

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources
Basic Shares: 48.2 million
Fully diluted: 53.9 million


Neptune was quick off the mark today with a response to a release issued by its main competitor that the U.S. Patent Office has agreed to a request to re-exam a patent granted to NTB this past October.

Norwegian based, Aker Biomarine & Neptune have been locked in litigation for several years and a sometimes blunt exchange of words.

The patent NTB was granted protects the Omega-3 composition of Neptune Krill Oil(TM) (NKO(R). The patent also “covers amongst others, oils and powders extracted from krill, containing marine phospholipids bonded to EPA and/or DHA, distributed and/or sold in the U.S. market.”

It's not suprising Aker requested the re-examination as should the patent stand, it could impact U.S. sales as well as existing litigation.

Neptune set the tone of its response with the comment that, "Aker has again made statements that are designed to mislead the public about the reexamination process and about the original patent office examination".

To read Neptune's news release, click here.