Thursday, 14 April 2011

Neptune Basks In Two Spotlights Today

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources (NTB - TSX V) (NEPT - NASDAQ)
Basic Shares: 42.0 million
Fully diluted: 45.48 million

It's a banner day for Neptune. It started with the publication of a glowing report by an influential U.S. writer on the health benefits of Neptune Krill Oil and how undervalued Neptune stock is. That article by M.E. Garza, co-founder of, was first sent out to his subscribers yesterday, followed by publication on the BioMedReports website today. The subscribers' notification on Wednesday set off a flurry of buying on U.S. markets causing Neptune stock to rise five per cent from $2.30 to $2.52.

Early today, the stock jumped again into the $2.70 range on U.S. markets with full publication of the article on BioMedReports website.

At the time of this writing, there was heavy trading of Neptune shares on Canadian markets, causing the share price to rise from $2.46 to $2.55, just over a five per cent (5%) gain.

Little wonder, given the opening paragraph in BioMedReports which contained this sentence: "NEPT could easily be one of the most compelling undervalued stocks we have come across for some time. The story is simultaneously complex, yet appealingly simple." As a topper, Neptune issued its own news release today, announcing it is a finalist in the category of Outstanding Application in Health Management in the international competition held by Nutraceutical & Business Technology.

The winner will be announced May 11th at a gala dinner in Geneva, Switzerland.