Thursday, 24 March 2011

Neptune/Acasti at Major American Heart Conference

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources
Basic Shares: 42.0 million
Fully diluted: 45.48 million


Executives from both Neptune Technologies and its subsidiary, Acasti Pharma, will be presenting at an American Heart Association conference in Atlanta, Georgia today and tomorrow.

Neptune and Acasti will present clinical evidence on the superior absorption of Neptune Krill Oil compared to other competitive products.

Acasti will also present evidence about the effectiveness and safety of its lead krill oil product, CaPre™.
The Dallas-based, American Heart Association (AHA), is one of the most influential, non-profit, medical groups in the United States. Of 100 large national charities, it has been ranked as the fifth (5th) most popular in America.
Dr. Pierre Lemieux, COO of Acasti said:
"In this important AHA session about prevention and nutrition, we will raise awareness on the low daily recommended dose of CaPre™ which will substantially help increase compliance and avoid side effects, contrary to established prescriptions and nutraceutical omega-3s."

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