Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Major Television Program Interviews Stoneset Director

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A Director on the board of Stoneset Equity has gone Hollywood.
Well, History Channel to be exact.
Director Jorg Ostrowski will be featured in a History Channel video on ancient building techniques in China that hold fundamental ideas that could benefit our modern world.
It is set to air globally early next year.
Mr. Ostrowski holds two degrees in architecture from MIT and the university of Toronto. He is a "green building" expert and is known for his work around the world. He underwent extensive interviews as part of the History Channel documentary.
The film is based on large scale, residential buildings that were constructed hundreds of years ago by a group of people called the Hakka. The homes, called Tulou provided a place for Hakka clansmen and extended family members to live in and are able accommodate up to 400 people. While the buildings vary in shape, they all feature central courtyards which residents would face into. The walls are made from rammed earth which is a mixture of sand, gravel and clay. It is very durable as evidenced by the fact that parts of the Great Wall of China are made of it.
The end result is a well-lit, well-ventilated, windproof and earthquake-proof community building that is warm in winter and cool in summer.
These fortified homes have walls that are up to 1.8 meters thick and stand up to six stories high.
They are located in a picturesque mountain region in the west part of Fujian province, north of Hong Kong and across from Taiwan.
Unesco’s World Heritage Committee added 46 Hakka Tulou homes in July 2008.
Mr. Ostrowski is currently working to restore, refurbish and link together the best Hakka Tulou villages through extensive hiking trails.
"We can often learn a lot by looking back, " Mr. Ostrowski said.
"These courtyards for example, were a vibrant and important part of the community," he added.
"It’s where the ancestral hall is located, where the meals were prepared and eaten, where ordinary socializing took place, where major cultural events like weddings and funerals occurred and, sometimes, where some of the animals were housed."
Central courtyards are making a comeback in some new multi-family homes in Canada; a development Mr. Ostrowski encourages because of the sense of community that courtyards provide when they are properly built.
None of Stoneset’s proposed developments contain any rammed earth structures but company founder and CEO, Tony Argento, said he would consider it in the future if the right project was presented.
An alert will be sent out when The History Channel has set a date to air the film.