Thursday, 4 November 2010

Unique Green Project For Calgary

Stoneset Equity Development Corp.(CNSX-SQC)
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Fully Diluted – 42.8 Million


What does a blushing bride, the birds and the bees, an internationally-acclaimed choral composer and a city sewage system have in common?

They’ll all be part of a cutting-edge, green development project in northwest Calgary that was recently announced by Stoneset Equity Development Corporation.

Among the many eye-catching features of this mixed urban project - that borders one of the biggest city parks in the country - will be two rooftop gardens sitting on top of two condominium complexes. One of the gardens will be open to the public and since a church is also part of this proposed development, some brides will no doubt choose the garden for photographs after their weddings.

The birds and bees will join them.

Also working in the Anglican church that will be part of the project is choirmaster, Alan Bevan, a choral composer whose works have been performed in Moscow and other world-class cities around the globe.

Plans call for the project to contain a Montessori Child Care facility, a senior’s condominium project, the new church called Holy Cross Anglican Church and commercial condominiums. Altogether, the proposal calls for 42 condominiums.

The entire project will create more power than it consumes and all the grey water from every building will be treated on site. That solar aquatic treatment facility will be open to all Calgary school children so they can learn how to be better stewards of water.

In fact, this entire project will use less water than the old church and three houses that currently sit on the 13-lot site.

To read Stoneset’s press release, please click here.