Tuesday, 19 October 2010

AeroMechanical & Hawker Beechcraft Stand Side By Side

AeroMechanical Services Ltd. (TSX:V-AMA)
Basic Shares: 103.6 million
Fully Diluted: 115.4 million

AeroMechanical Services has scored a major business coup with today's announcement from Hawker Beechcraft that it will be offering AMA's automated flight information reporting system (afirs) on 125 series business jets (900XP, 850XP, 800XP & 750).
This notable announcement that Hawker is AMA's first Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) was made at the National Business Aviation Associated (NBAA) conference in Atlanta.
Tomorrow (Wednesday, Oct. 20th), AMA will have more to say about this important development.
In its news release, Hawker noted it will start the customer education process as afirs will be installed on its demonstration aircraft.

The monitoring service – Automated Flight Information Reporting System (afirs™) and supporting infrastructure, UpTime™ – can help ensure operational readiness by recognizing and transmitting relevant engine and aircraft data that, if left undetected or unaddressed, might otherwise result in an unscheduled maintenance event and impact aircraft availability and dispatch reliability. In addition, Hawker Beechcraft is equipping its demonstrator aircraft with the system to allow the company to educate customers on system utilization.

We have been told by an attendee at the NBAA who sat in on the Hawker press conference that one of the company representatives in responding to a journalist's question said that afirs would be "standard fit" starting in 2011.

To read Hawker's news release click here.

There is no publicly available information at this time on Hawker or AMA's financial expectations from this relationship.

What is clear is that AMA has a growing chorus of supporters because of the advantages of its technology.

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