Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Neptune Blazes New U.S. Trails

Neptune Technologies & Bioresources
Basic Shares: 40.2 million
Fully diluted: 43.1 million


We have now spoken with the New York based investor relations firm that has signed on to spread the word on Neptune south of the border.

The firm, CEOcast Inc., specializes in small and micro cap companies and it has developed a "distribution base of millions of on-line investors" according to its website.

In addition, it is in contact with more than 20,000 portfolio managers, buy-side analysts and traders at more than 3,300 North American institutions.

content is also disseminated to over 7,000 investment research professionals representing over 425 institutions.

The Howard Group will concentrate its work in Canada and abroad while CEOcast will focus on the United States. But we will be working closely with CEOcast as our joint efforts will jump back and forth across the border.

To read CEOcast's introduction of Neptune to the American market please click here.