Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Anglo Swiss Resources & The Howard Group

We will not comment on Anglo Swiss’s decision not to renew its relationship with The Howard Group.

However, we will say we’re extremely satisfied with the fact that over the past several years we’ve brought many new shareholders to the story, attracted capital at critical points through our relationships and been a constant sounding board over hundreds of phone calls and emails.

We stayed with the story, as have a large number of other people, because Anglo looks to have a reasonable shot at finding a pot of gold. It is fact that there is gold at the old “Kenville Mine” now Nelson Mining Camp site. It simply comes down to, how big is the pot?

As our office alone holds several million shares and others we have brought to the table own multiples of that number, we obviously have extreme interest in the story going forward.

We wish ASW luck and a lot of it.

There are many very patient shareholders who deserve to be rewarded.