Thursday, 25 February 2010

Anglo Swiss Acquires Massive Land In Gold Rich B.C.

Anglo Swiss Resources Inc.
Basic Shares 130.2 million
Fully Diluted 150 million

The glory days of mining in the Nelson, B.C. area may be returning after Anglo Swiss announced today it has vastly expanded its mineral claims from 900 hectares to over 15,000 hectares.
In the history of the mining-friendly Nelson area, no company has pulled off such a feat - bringing a host of mines together under one company umbrella.

Anglo Swiss now has over 160 square kilometres, (58 square miles) that have over 20 known historic mines and mine workings on its property.

Anglo started out with the 900-hectare Kenville mine but with the much expanded claims, it is now calling the new area the Nelson Mining Camp, all of it sitting just outside the city of Nelson in British Columbia, Canada.

Len Danard, President of Anglo, said he wanted to thank all of the parties that participated in coming together with Anglo in the common goal of identifying and bringing a new major discovery to this historically mineral rich area of British Columbia.

Anglo's recent acquisitions have expanded its holdings to the south, east and west, extending the potential strike length of the regional geological trend along what is known as the Silver King Shear Zone.

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That Silver King Shear Zone - or deep fault line where two plates of the earth slammed into each other - fed numerous historical gold, copper and silver mines in the area with Anglo's Kenville Gold Mine located nearby.
The company believes that the bigger sources of precious and base metals for all the known and relatively small mines in the Nelson Mining Camp haven't been discovered yet because those miners didn't have the modern technology that could find those deep source rivers. Rather, the miners of old followed the near-to-surface mineral tributaries.

Anglo also stated that it will be employing one of those modern mining technologies by completing a full airborne geophysical survey of the entire property. That is scheduled for late March.
The airborne survey is expected to pinpoint those deeper mineralized bodies and assist Anglo in perhaps identifying as yet undiscovered mineral riches around known mines.

An extensive drilling program is planned for April once the key targets have all been identified.
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