Wednesday, 16 December 2009

NXT Energy Solutions Impressing Clients and Building Case Studies

NXT Energy Solutions Inc.
Basic Shares - 30.6 million
Fully diluted - 42.7 million


NXT Energy Solutions passed a formidable test when it flew over a client’s land holdings in Colombia, South America - that had already had considerable and confidential seismic work done on it – and identified a number of the same oil and gas hot spots from the air that the client identified from its ground work.

Impressed with NXT’s ability to identify the same energy hot spots from the air that it had found in a more expensive and time-consuming land seismic survey, the client asked NXT to conduct air surveys over some of its other Colombian land holdings.

The total value of both surveys, which are now complete, was $986,000 (USD).

Also in today’s release, the company described how it conducted its own Colombian airborne surveys both onshore and offshore to show the results to other prospective clients in order to fast track industry acceptance within the Latin American market.

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