Monday, 21 December 2009

International Water Guard Notches Two Thousand Mark

International Water-Guard (TSX-V: IWG)
Basic Shares: 39.3 million
Fully Diluted: 46.5 million


International Water Guard (IWG) reached another milestone by delivering its 2000th aircraft water treatment unit - this time for installation in a wide-body corporate jet built by Dassault Falcon.

“It shows the maturity and growth of our business, and demonstrates that we are here for the long haul,” IWG President & CEO David Fox said of the achievement. Coincidentally, the 2000th unit will be installed in a jet called the Falcon 2000LX.

This sleek corporate bird can carry up to 19 passengers, but normally it is configured to carry eight. It can fly up to 47,000 feet or hit a high-speed cruising rate of roughly 555 miles per hour (890 kph) at 39,000 feet.

IWG’s ultraviolet light disinfection technology will be installed on Dassault Falcon’s factory floor, one of many corporate jets or VIP aircraft that offers IWG’s water treatment technology to customers as either standard or optional equipment. It is the best way for jet manufactures to make sure crew and passengers are able to drink safe, clean water - no matter what exotic airstrip that jet landed on where it had to take on local water.

“We have become the standard for on-board water treatment in the aviation industry,” Mr. Fox added.

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