Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Anglo Swiss New Director - “Target some very good potential ore deposits and drill the hell out of them”

Anglo Swiss Resources Inc.
Basic Shares 130.2 million
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The title to this commentary was Tom Obradovich’s answer when asked how he would like the see the exploration program unfold for Anglo Swiss over the next 12 months.

In a 10 minute spot now available on You Tube, Grant Howard, President of The Howard Group interviewed Tom Obradovich, mining veteran and new board member to Anglo Swiss Resources. The focus of the interview was on why Mr. Obradovich was attracted to Anglo Swiss Resources. The response was very clear; he sees the potential in the company’s Nelson Mining Camp and believes that the Anglo Swiss management team is up for the job.

Highlighted points from Mr. Obradovich during the interview (paraphrased):
- Have had previous successes in co-founding Young – Davidson Mines, Aurelian Resources and Canadian Royalties.
- Essentially my style of exploration has been to put an entire camp together. In ASW I see potential in building a mining camp through the consolidation of neighboring mines with lots of opportunity.
- The decision to rebrand the Kenville Mine to the Nelson Mining Camp was to encompass all the past and future productive areas of the region.
- It would get the attention of majors to get to the threshold to be a target for acquisition. You have to have a sizable world class deposit to be a target. I’ve have had the most success with companies’ with deposits of 3 – 5 million ounces of gold or gold equivalent.
- Len Danard, President of ASW has an innate ability to put together deals.
- We have to put together all the historical and current data with computer modeling to target a major discovery.
- Just flew an airborne geophysical survey - Aeromag and Electromagnetic.
- Tom has a gentlemen he calls the “gold guru” who gives advice on gold prices and he believes gold is going to remain these prices if not higher.

To hear the full interview, please click the player below.