Tuesday, 27 October 2009

IWG Reaches Milestone As Industry Ground Shifts

International Water-Guard (TSX-V: IWG)

Basic Shares: 39.3 million
Fully Diluted: 46.5 million


International Water Guard hit a high point by putting the final touches on its 2000th aircraft water treatment unit just as the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was once more ringing the alarm bell over how bad untreated aircraft water can be.

The bell came through long-awaited EPA regulations that will soon force commercial aircraft flying over the U.S. to complete regular testing of aircraft tap water and submit the results of those tests to the EPA. That's because the EPA found that up to 17% of the water it randomly collected off commercial passenger jets flunked municipal water safety thresholds.

The Wall St. Journal did an earlier investigation and found much worse results. In fact, one sample the paper took from a short-haul flight in the northwest U.S. was so bad, the lab said it was like drinking tainted hamburger meat.

IWG's business to date comes from the corporate jet and VIP jet market.

Owners or managers of these aircraft are much closer to their customers and are thus keenly aware they can't risk the health of the corporate elite and heads of state they ferry around the world.
Tapping into the commerical passenger airlines would open up a market that is hundreds of times larger.

And now, IWG has the EPA as a silent partner while trying to break into that market.
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IWG also made it into the international trade press this week after announcing it had solved an annoying, expensive and time-consuming problem surrounding water drainage from big corporate jets.

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