Friday, 12 June 2009

AMA's Live Black Box Meets Initial Silence

AeroMechanical Services Ltd. (TSX:V-AMA)
Basic Shares: 82.5 million
Fully Diluted:88 million


There was an opportunity in AeroMechanical’s June 12th news release to step into a world-wide debate.

That’s because AeroMechanical stated in the release that it had what international aviation experts were calling for in world-wide press reports - a live black box.

In other words, AMA’s technology can transmit in real time some of the vital data about a host of aircraft functions that would otherwise go silently into the aircraft’s black box where it would reside until air crash investigators managed to find it.

If they can find it.

The search for the black box aboard the ill-fated Air France flight illustrated the issue well for it remained hidden at the writing of this in a mountainous terrain thousands of feet under the Atlantic Ocean.

And experts were saying in prominent press reports that there had to be a better technological solution.

Well AMA has the fix.

And one would expect the international press that had covered this Air France tragedy so extensively would be breaking AeroMechanical’s doors down to get more detail.

But five hours after the news release went out, AeroMechanical’s phones remained silent.
A big part of the problem is it is a complicated issue.

And AMA’s bigger focus is in providing technology that will give airlines the warning signals each needs to perform timely maintenance that will prevent accidents.

Thankfully, those accidents are few and far between.

But regardless of AMA’s technology not receiving wide-spread attention, what often happens is the light bulb will finally go on in some newsroom and depending on where that story appears, the news could take off.

We’ll see.

To read the full news release, please click here.