Monday, 9 March 2009

Is IWG In The Perfect Niche For Troubled Times ?

International Water-Guard (TSX-V: IWG)
Basic Shares: 39.3 million

Fully Diluted: 46.5 million


Big is better according to a Dow Jones Newswires story on International Water Guard that was published in one of the premier financial newspapers in the world - the Wall Street Journal.

IWG President and CEO David Fox was quoted saying while he is ever vigilant about troubling winds hitting his company from the current economic storm, so far the quality of IWG's customers has shielded it from any disorder.
That's because IWG is selling its drinking-water technology to owners of large luxury planes that are used to fly executives from the biggest corporations in the world and heads of state.

Smaller jets are used by executives from relatively junior companies.
"IWG's potable water systems are used far more frequently on larger aircraft since those planes are far more likely to travel longer distances, including cross borders," the Dow Jones article stated.
"Smaller Learjets and Cessnas are more frequently used for shorter hops in which it's less likely passengers will require food and drink. They also tend to be used domestically, so concerns about water quality at a destination are rare," the article added.

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