Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Anglo Swiss - Cashed Up

Anglo Swiss Resources Inc.
Basic Shares 100.5 million
Fully Diluted 129.5 million


Anglo Swiss climbed over a financial wall that has blocked so many other junior companies by raising money in these abysmal markets.

Anglo wanted to ensure it had enough cash on hand to take care of any incidentals over the next few months while it gets the trial of its gold and metals processing equipment underway. And because its share prices are so low in these troubled markets, Anglo purposefully capped the financing in order to limit dilution.

MineralFields is planning to take five million flow-through units offered at $0.10 per unit for total proceeds of $500,000 into Anglo's coffers.

MineralFields came to the table once before, bringing $2.5 million last December when Anglo did its last private placement. It's obviously a good relationship for Anglo to have.

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