Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Howard Group's Newest Client

Former Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed recently predicted that adequate supplies of safe drinking water will become the paramount concern here and around the planet.
He would understand, therefore, why we at Howard Group were so interested in taking on our newest client.
The company we speak of is Vancouver-based International Water-Guard industries Inc. (TSX-V: IWG) and its business is providing non-chemical, state-of-the art safe water systems for aircraft.
All kinds of aircraft.
Business jets.
The final frontier is commercial passenger airlines.
Yesterday's and today's aircraft water systems and airport water handling facilities to load water onto aircraft are breeding grounds for some nasty bugs. And given current high air traffic volumes, it's only a matter of time before something awful happens.
International Water Guard has the equipment to fix the problem and it has left any competitor in its vapour.
It has built up a solid customer base over many years, primarily in the corporate jet market - the only market that is growing despite today's poor economic conditions.
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