Thursday, 4 September 2008

Anglo Swiss - In House Gold Production This Year

Anglo Swiss Resources Inc.
Basic Shares 100.5 million
Fully Diluted 129.5 million

In the world of junior mining it is usually a long slow road between the point of exploration and beginning of production. Anglo Swiss is rare amongst its competition in that it has a unique opportunity on its 100% owned Kenville gold mine to start producing gold on site, this year.

The company is currently installing new gold processing equipment at its Kenville site and is only waiting for the last piece that is scheduled to arrive this month. This equipment operates within the company's mandate of being green and will be 100% environmentally friendly. The process does not involve harsh chemicals normally associated with mineral processing and even the by-product such as the tailing's will be sold to market as a highly sought after clay.

Anglo Swiss will start producing gold from the tones of rock that has been lying idle for many years pulled from the miles of tunneling in the mine shaft. Examination of this rock by the company's technical team has given Anglo Swiss full confidence that the rock has considerable gold waiting to be extracted; after all, this rock did come from a producing gold mine.

The company has been rehabilitating all of the infrastructure at the Kenville site, including the underground rail line and air lines throughout the portal into the mountain. There are tones of rock waiting to be extracted from inside the mine itself and the process will start about the same time the equipment is up and running.

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