Thursday, 28 August 2008

LMS Technology to Hit Doctors’ PDAs

LMS Medical Systems (LMZ - TSX)

Shares outstanding: 25.8m

Fully Diluted: 30.7 million


Today’s announced agreement with Airstrip Technologies™ means obstetricians will now be able to access their patients’ real time data using a wireless device. This enhancement will align LMS’ technology with modern day communications and significantly improve patient care.

AirStrip Technologies™ is a pioneer in mobile, medical software applications designed to work across any platform.

AirStrip’s technology is patent pending and FDA cleared. It is specifically designed to alleviate key technological barriers that exist in today’s mobile device platforms, such as slow connections, need for data synchronization, cumbersome logon steps, etc. These challenges often prevent mission critical applications and solutions from working reliably and effectively on Windows Mobile devices (Pocket PCs, Smartphones and other portable Windows devices). AirStrip Technologies™ overcomes all such obstacles by providing a rich set of synergistic “services” with security, scalability, and reusability which is central to its proprietary design.