Friday, 11 July 2008

Planet Seeks Partner To Grow Aggressively

Planet Organic Health Corporation (TSX:V-POH)
Basic Shares: 33.1 million
Fully Diluted: 38.2 million


Planet Organic's CFO and VP Corporate Development told thousands of Business News Network (BNN) viewers he is looking for a strategic partner to invest $20 to $30 million in Planet so he can double retail sales in the next couple of years.
This year (ending June 30th) Planet's annual sales from its five divisions are expected to reach around $110 million, Darren Krissie told BNN.
And despite the economic slowdowns in parts of Canada and throughout the United States, Mr. Krissie said he is relishing the opportunities to capture prized and discounted retail space created when other retailers retract.
He explained he has an edge over other retailers because Planet's customers are relatively dedicated and all consumers tend to cook more at home during economic slowdowns thus keeping his cash register tills running.
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