Thursday, 31 July 2008

New Gold Veins Encourage Anglo Swiss To Extend Summer Drilling

Anglo Swiss Resources Inc.


Basic Shares 100.5 million

Fully Diluted 129.5 million

Anglo Swiss is currently 8530 meters (27,985 feet) into its 10,000 meter drilling program that started in May earlier this year. The company had set out to further define an existing quartz vein structure called the Eagle Gold Vein and has turned up multiple new veins in doing so. The drilling has proved that the multiple veins are present through at least 400 meters (1,312 feet) of strike length and appear to be open to the North. The new veins have been found above and to at least 100 meters below the adjoining Kenville Mine which produced 2 metric tonnes of gold in the past. These exciting finds have convinced the company to extend its drilling to a potential 10,000 more meters.

A new extensive Geophysical program has been completed while the drilling has been taking place and approximately 18 kilometers have been surveyed at Kenville so far. These surveys will help point the drill bit in the right direction ensuring the most opportune targets are drilled, which offer the company the best chance for quick success.

Another goal this year was to further define a large copper/gold zone on the property. A structured mineral zone has now been defined between 5 and 10 meters wide that runs for approximately 750 meters throughout the western side of the property.

Assay results are still to come and will be released in their entirety once the drilling program is completed. With a potential 11,000 plus meters yet to be drilled the company will have a much better idea as to the value of this past producing property.