Friday, 30 May 2008

U.S. Company Asks AeroMechanical To Open China Market

AeroMechanical Services (TSX:V-AMA)
Basic Shares: 81 million
Fully Diluted: 93 million


A high-tech United States aerospace firm asked AeroMechanical Services to sell its products in China because of AMA’s extensive contacts there. The deal with Virginia-based Flight Explorer has nothing to do with AMA’s tentative deal to sell and install its own high-tech equipment in Chinese passenger jets.
Rather, Flight Explorer has a software that can track all flights over North America, Europe and other large airspaces in the world. It can be purchased for personal use, business or military.
AMA’s technology, on the other hand, monitors up to 2,000 sensors on an individual aircraft to give an instant report to the airline whether something is not working properly on board the aircraft.
AMA’s technology also allows the airline to talk with its pilots no matter where they are flying in the world – something today’s commercial passenger pilots can’t do in large swatches of the globe.
The AMA technology also lets airlines see where their planes are – whether in the air, or on the ground – and among other things, an airline can also save hundreds of thousands of dollars in fuel per year through the use of AMA’s technology.
AMA feeds its aircraft location data into Flight Explorer, which can then show the terrain the plane is flying over, cities below, roads and even airport layouts.
AMA used Flight Explorer to give viewers a colourful view of the Indian Air Force micro light as it winged about the globe to set a new record for around-the-world flight last summer. The micro light had AMA’s technology on board.
The contract to sell Flight Explorer’s suite of aerospace software in China is expected to bring in $100,000 for AMA in the first year of the contract and up to $300,000 in sales commissions by 2012.
To view the full press release on the contract between Flight Explorer and AMA, please click here.