Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Asia Now Opens Door To Hong Kong Exchange

Asia Now (TSX-V: NOW)

Basic Shares: 50.6 million

In keeping with a new corporate growth strategy to align itself with companies that can provide capital, projects, cash flow opportunities or any combination of the three, Asia Now has established yet another strategic alliance with a Hong Kong listed mining company. Xian Yuen Titanium Resources (HKEX: 0353) has agreed to a stock swap with Asia Now issuing 75 million shares to NOW in exchange for 3 million shares of the company.
The benefit of this alliance stems deep for both parties. In particular, Xian Yuen is looking for NOW's technical expertise to further its own exploration programs. Asia Now also has strong relationships and access to labor in China that most other exploration companies would need years to develop. Access to this labor will expediate exploration for Xian Yuen and benefit both companies.
This transaction opens the door to the Hong Kong investment community for Asia Now and will allow for greater exposure to investors in that part of the world. Asia Now will also have access to properties that are near production as Xian Yuen has an estimated resource of 29.5 million tonnes of ore in a titanium mine in Inner Mongolia. Xian Yuen's resource sits in an area that is 0.7 square kilometers and has just purchased 51% of exploration rights to the surrounding two square kilometers so that it can be developed into an open pit mine.

This is just another piece of the puzzle to further ensure NOW investors' that the company is moving full steam ahead on very quickly adding new dimensions to the corporation.

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