Monday, 28 April 2008

Asia Now Strikes Partnership With The "Rothschilds Of The Pacific"

Asia Now


Basic Shares: 50.6 million

Lippo Group Centre in Hong Kong

Asia Now announced it is signing a strategic exploration and mining partnership with Yunnan Dasheng Investment Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of the international giant, the Lippo Group.

The Lippo Group is a global financial powerhouse with $12 billion in assets and over ten thousand employees. Its Board of directors represents some of the world's most influential people, including former United States President Bill Clinton.

Lippo has been compared to the famous Rothschild empire in the international press. Like the Rothschilds, the Lippo Group has grown by developing strong, interdependent relationships and developing a synergy between ideas, the right people and capital. Its Chairman, Mochtar Riady, discusses the Lippo Groups eleven principles of business in an article written in the February edition of "Strategy and Business" magazine.

The article is an extremely interesting read as it discusses how a company can grow from zero to more than $12 billion. In keeping with that growth, Lippo's logo is a stylized graphic representing the letters 'L' and 'P' in a continuous loop whose core depicts the mathematical symbol for infinity and unending growth.

For a company the size of Asia Now to attract a partnership of this magnitude is a major win. Lippo will initially provide $10 million USD to Asia Now through private placements in 2008. The company is very excited with this financial support as this allows it to fast track and deliver much more mining development in China and elsewhere.

Lippo will use the technical expertise of Asia Now management to identify, investigate and develop mineral projects, providing financial support for selected projects. This announcement establishes a basis of support for Asia Now, which we believe is just the beginning in the extension of Lippo's infinite loop.