Thursday, 27 March 2008

Planet Organic Grows, Boosted By European Union

Planet Organic Health Corp. (TSX:V-POH)

Basic shares: 33.1 million

Fully diluted: 38.2 million
A major European Union study is a driving force behind the ever-growing demand for organic food and Planet Organic is building new stores and remaking old ones to get a major share of that booming market.

Planet Organic Health Corp. (POH), which operates 75 outlets through six divisions, announced March 27th that a kiosk-type division that sells vitamins and supplements was expanding and revamping itself.

The division is called Healthy's Nutrition, and with the addition of one new store, it now has eight outlets operating in the southern Ontario area, all in and around Toronto.

The new Healthy's store is done in the vibrant colours of stores in the first division - Planet Organic Market. And the remodelled Healthy's outlet is also done in a similar layout and with the same vibrant colours.

As Healthy's remodels all its stores and/or builds new ones, each outlet will run under the new banner of Planet Organic Living.

To view the full press release, please click here.

To get a better understanding of why organic food markets are doing so well, please click here to read a BBC news story on the European Union study.

That four-year, $25-million study found that organic foods are up to 40% more nutritional than foods grown the conventional way with artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

Little wonder yearly growth in organic food demand has been in double-digit territory for the past 20 years.