Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Another Notch in AeroMechanical's Belt

AeroMechanical Services (TSX:V - AMA)

Shares issued: 82.1 million
Another airline signed up with AeroMechanical, bringing the tally of aircraft under contract up to 690 from 29 different airlines around the world.

This latest customer is described as a Canadian low-cost charter airline that will install AeroMechanical's blue box on two of its aircraft.

Over the life of the five-year contract, nearly $300 thousand in revenues will be generated.

Installation of the afirs(TM) UPTime (TM) system, which provides pilots with voice and email contact from any spot around the globe, minute-by-minute tracking of the aircraft and troubleshooting from thousands of onboard aircraft sensors, is scheduled in April and May of this year.

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