Thursday, 6 March 2008

AeroMechanical's Greenshoes And Explanations

Following the March 5th, evening Webcast about the state of AMA's business interests in China, two news releases were issued.
The first set out the major statements contained in the Webcast.
Please click here to view the full release.
The second was about the joint decision by AMA and Research Capital, its underwriter on the recently-announced $3 million bought deal financing, to increase the size of the over-allotment option contained in the original financing announcement.
In the original announcement, Research Capital was allowed to increase the size of the $3 million offering by $1 million.
Now, Research Capital will be allowed to add another $500,000 bringing the the total over-allotment to $1.5 million.
Over allotments are triggered by demand that is greater than the offering.
To view this full news release please click here.