Friday, 8 February 2008

There's Always More Fish..Or Krill In The Sea

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources (TSX V - NTB / NASDAQ.NEPT)

After a two+ year working relationship with Neptune it's time to move on! Management has decided that the bulk of its future efforts to expand following for NTB's story should be in the United States. Relatively soon, it will be making a decision on a U.S. investor relations firm.

In spite of last year's NASDAQ listing, Canada has consistently accounted for 90%+ of Neptune's trading. In the Spring of 2007 the stock hit an all time high in the $8.50 range and now sits in the low $3.00's. NTB management is of the belief that the U.S. investing community will be required to take the future valuation to much greater levels.

We feel that Neptune will be attacking the U.S. market in earnest in the fairly near future to ensure the story is well known especially before the long-awaited "pharma" deal comes to fruition. We have no sense of timing on when that might happen as the NTB team is in the mode of "mum's the word" having learned from past mistakes that lead to it creating expectations that a deal would have been done some months ago.

That aside, it's been a good relationship for The Howard Group. People who embraced the company at the time we first began introducing it to the market (under $1.00) have certainly enjoyed some healthy profits.

What has been interesting about Neptune is that many people could relate to the story and also developed an emotional attachment.

It's not in our nature to get into long winded goodbye's so with that, all the best to Andre, Tina and Henri and the rest of the crew.