Monday, 28 January 2008

Two New Apples And New Shine For Another

Planet Organic (TSX-V: POH)

Planet Organic announced Jan. 28th it was starting construction on a second market retail store in the Toronto area and was launching a dramatic re-branding of a chain of small vitamin/supplement stores it acquired.

This second Planet Organic Market store will be in the northwest section of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and it is hoped it will be open for business in March.

The first organic food and natural products retail store opened in Port Credit one year ago. It is situated in the westerly section of the GTA.

The two market outlets fit with the grand plans of Mark Kraft, executive vice president of Planet Organic Market, to have seven market stores in the GTA within the next several years.

The next major announcment concerned seven of the much smaller vitamin/supplement stores that Planet acquired under the name of Healthy's. Most of the Healthy's outlets are located in Ontario malls.

A top-to-bottom renovation is underway in one of the small outlets to give it the colour and display snap one sees in the market retail stores.

The first Healthy's outlet to get a complete makeover is - fittingly - in the Toronto Stock Exchange tower in the heart of downtown Toronto.

The newly redesigned Healthy's outlets will be called Planet Organic Living and the first newly-constructed store under that new banner will be built in Milton, Ontario.

Milton sits about 95 kilometres west of downtown Toronto and serves as one of Hogtown's bedroom communities.

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