Monday, 7 January 2008

Permit Granted To Anglo Swiss Will Keep The Cash Coming In


Anglo Swiss is in a unique position when it comes to mineral rights as it has both below and above ground mineral rights Grandfathered on its Kenville property. This has allowed the company to acquire a permit for its wholly owned subsidiary, Kenville Sand and Gravel, to operate a quarry on its Venango site at Kenville.

Years of tunneling on this property have produced thousands of tonnes of waste rock. The company initially plans to process 6500 tonnes of material with its recently refurbished Kenville Mill about 500 meters from where the waste rock lies.

The rock will be crushed into drain rock size products and screened. The crushed rock will be sold locally to the Nelson/Castlegar aggregate market just in time for the spring construction season. Anglo Swiss should have steady cash flow from this project and other similar projects on its Kenville site, keeping the company cash positive.

The screening process will ensure that the crushed fines are evaluated for metal content such as gold. Considering that the rock came out of an active mine it is likely that recovery of gold and other valuable minerals will occur and provide Anglo Swiss with another avenue for cash flow throughout 2008 and forward.

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