Thursday, 20 December 2007

The Spirit of Santa at AeroMechanical

Sometimes its the little things a company does that tell you more about its collective character than the big business deals it pursues.
Such is the case this Christmas season at AeroMechanical when its roughly 45 employees bought up about 60 Teddy Bears, around 300 toys and a dozen colouring books to give to the Salvation Army.

AeroMechanical executive assistant Michelle Dawydiuk said employees have organized Christmas fundraisers like this for over one half of the company's roughly nine-year life.

In addition to the toy collection, Mrs. Dawydiuk said they were also putting on a silent auction with some toys they held back in order to raise funds for the Salvation Army's waning kettle program.

CEO Bill Tempany - who proudly boasts how he can fit into a Santa outfit without requiring a tummy-buldging pillow - strolled past the auction board and doubled CFO Tom French's bid on one item.
Not to be outdone, Mr. French snuck in later and upped Mr. Tempany's bid by one penny.
The final auction tally wasn't available at publication time.