Thursday, 20 December 2007

Asia Now Receives Continued Solid Support By Asian Government

Asia Now (TSX-V: NOW)

Asia Now management are breathing a sigh of relief after Chinese government officials assured them they would not be affected by recent policy changes regarding foreign mining.

"We have been reassured that our properties in Yunan have full legal protection and government support at both provincial and local levels," said Asia Now chairman Douglas Scharf.

"With the support from the local government, our exploration programs in Yunan will progress in a very straightforward and unhindered manner."

The stock market took a hit after a new Chinese policy was announced this past fall.

So this timely clarification by Chinese government officials gives Asian Now the ultimate gift, just in time for Christmas.

The company has had strong government support since it opened shop in China and its relationships with its joint venture partners and government officials puts it levels above other foreign companies that are mining in China.