Wednesday, 19 December 2007

AeroMechanical Rates Comments From Analyst

AeroMechanical Services (AMA - TSX V)

Calgary based Acumen Capital analyst Brian Pow had a few words about AMA today on the SmallCaps segment on BNNtv following a caller's question. Go to the 21 minute mark to listen to his comments.
Saying that the company has "announced some recent wins in Europe for the A320" and is "early stage from a revenue perspective" but management expects it to be cash flow positive in a few quarters, he concluded with, "this is a good company I'd probably buy for the long-term".
AeroMechanical has had more than a few mentions on BNNtv over the last several weeks. These comments in combination with several recent news releases has led to a substantial uptick in volume. In the last 11 trading days almost 11 million shares have changed hands with the price moving between $0.55 and $0.95 before settling in the low $0.80's at today's close (Dec. 19).
There's no doubt many eyes are on the company, which bodes well for future positive announcements.