Thursday, 22 November 2007

Serenic Named As A Top Pick On BNNtv

Yesterday Doren Quinton, President of QIS Capital guest hosted BNN’s Small Caps show. Early into the show (3 minutes 40 seconds) he named Serenic Corporation as one of his top picks. He pointed out the following attributes that attracted him to this company.

· Minimal downside, significant upside,
· Strong balance sheet with no debt,
· Positive working capital of $1.5 Million,
· Significant Not for Profit sector,
· Strategic alliance with Microsoft,
· Only have 15 million shares outstanding,
· Market cap is approximately $7 million versus projected F08 revenues of $10 million and is therefore trading at three quarters times sales. Industry average is 3.5 times,
· Largest competitor is trading at 6 times,
· Outstanding 2nd quarter, earning $0.07 per share.

Click here to view the spot

Mr. Quinton’s feature on BNN compliments QIS Capitals’ report on Serenic Corporation dated October 30, 2007. Click here to read the report.