Wednesday, 28 November 2007

More Great News From Beiya, Not Beiya North, But Beiya Northeast….Another Potential Zone

Asia Now (NOW: TSX-V)

Asia Now’s Beiya property encompasses over 586 square kilometers. It was originally staked and licensed as management believed it had considerable potential as it lay adjacent to the largest open pit mine in Yunan and has several anomalies including outcroppings in this Beiya North-East zone. This past summer, ground-work was completed in this 3.6 square kilometer zone with the assays released in November. Click here to read the press release.

This zone is approximately 1.5 kilometers north and east of the “discovery” drill area where Asia Now has accelerated its drill program. The sample results are excellent and will be used to outline a drilling program planned for next summer.

The Beiya property is clearly proving its merit in each step of the exploration program, which are being completed. Management believes that there is potential to prove up more than one resource and will plan accordingly as priority targets are identified. The company’s prime target at this juncture is on the 1.2 kilometer “discovery line”, which is now undergoing the accelerated drilling program, with three rigs drilling for definition potential (an increase from only one drilling rig working this summer).

It is expected that we will receive all the results from the accelerated program by the end of January. The last of the summer program drilling has one hole in for assay and its results should be released sometime in the next two weeks.

This hole is significant as it is an “instep” of 160 meters between the far east hole on the 1.2 kilometer “discovery” zone. If it demonstrates consistency with its’ sister holes we can begin to get excited. Needless to say, a lot more drilling will have to be completed before the champagne corks can be popped, but each hole of consistency showing the 130 meter zone of mineralization, is a step towards the definition we are looking for. We like what we see so far and are patient even in these dismal markets.